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Dear Participants of the ISHA2018,

On behalf of all the Co-Chairs and advisory committee members of the ISHA2018 conference, I would like to thank every one of you for participating in the ISHA2018 at Sendai.Hope all of you had enjoyed the Plenary Talks, Keynote/Invited Talks, Oral and Poster Presentations.

Thanks all the ISHA council members, award selection committee members, for their strong support and great contributions, for their valuable advices and comments to our conference organization. Also thanks our staffs and students, who had worked very hard to ensure the success of the ISHA2018 conference.

Looking forward to meeting you again in Sendai, or at the future ISHA conferences in the world.

Thanking you again,



Sendai is hot now.   The dress code of our meeting is “no tie”.



Before the ISHA2018 conference, the most famous festival in Sendai, the Sendai Tanabata Festival, will be held in downtown until 17:00 of Aug.8th. It is highly recommended that you go and enjoy it if you arrive in Sendai city before 17:00.


The final program has been updated.


●In the case that you need an entrance visa to Japan, please contact with the information desk ( in your early convenient. (until May 30th).

Please indicate your visiting schedule and send your personal information.


●For hotels near to the conference venue and Sendai Station, please visit, to check out the room rates and book your room online


The acceptance letter has been sent to all participants.


The deadline of abstract submission will be April 10th (JST).

The acceptance letter will be sent to all participants until April 15th, 2018.


Online registration and abstract submission is extended to April 10th.


The Online Hotel Reservation is available now! The deadline of hotel reservation is June 30, 2018.


Online registration and abstract submission have been started.


The 2nd Circular is updated.  Download 2nd Circular


Professor Gérard Demazeau passed away on 3rd Nov. 2017. We are deeply saddened to announce the passing of our respected honorary international advisory board, Professor Gérard Demazeau. We received the “Special Commemorative Eulogy Message” from the President of ISHA Association.


Please check 1st circular of the conference.


The ISHA2018 WEB site is opened.